Widespread experience, unique emotion


We are in Massa di Vecchiazzano, in the heart of Romagna, in the Predappio DOC area, a land rich in history, illuminated by the changing colors of vineyards, olive groves and woods. Among the hills that extend from Castrocaro to Predappio, there is the “Collina del Tesoro”, a small hamlet surrounded by real gems, where Sangiovese, the main grape of this fertile territory, is born. The Company takes its name from a legend that tells of a precious “Treasure” (Tesoro) abandoned and still kept within the walls of a sumptuous Nineteenth-century Villa.
Here, products with unique flavors and notes are born, the result of a passionate study on the diversity of the vineyards and soils most suited to their natural expression, cultivated and preserved in the cellar. The vineyards develop at different altitude, from 250 to 350 meters above the sea level, where they benefit from the heat of summer days tempered by a cool evening breeze. It is not only the climate that is different here, the air is also different, even the energy.


The brand takes its name from the family tradition, when grandfather Marco used to plant a red rose (rosa rossa) in each row, collected to be honored. Like the flower, each bottle of “Roserosse” wine contains its own intrinsic value to be revealed and shared with those you love. This noble wine is born from the colour and intense scent of roses.