About Us


Azienda Agricola La Collina del Tesoro, owned by Valentini Family, has been following a process of replanting and planting new vineyards for over 100 years, favoring Sangiovese since the 90s, giving greater depth to research on this vine in the belief that terroir is certainly a geological fact but even more a social issue. In this sense, the preservation and enhancement of Sangiovese is the constant of a work that gives meaning to the word tradition. The care of vineyards and the passion for the production of wines has been handed down from generation to generation, by grandfather Marco, farmer and enthusiast, who indicated in the hard lands of these gentle hills, the land suitable for making wines worthy of ambition. Today, the third generation, passionate about viticulture, has modernized the management of the countryside without compromising the tradition. In a few years, the hectares of vineyard have grown to 30 and have changed the soul and management of the company. A path has been traced that is revealed with extreme consistency in wines starting from 1960, the first vintage produced.


As soon as you walk in this farmland, you can feel the welcoming embrace of the land accompanied by the moral responsibility towards the territory. The company has operated on a concept of sustainability since its inception, and then subsequently obtained Organic certification. The agriculture method is inspired by principles of naturalness and sustainability. Not only we don’t use chemicals and synthetic products, but we are committed to enhancing the company's internal resources by reducing external inputs. The vineyards are fertilized using compost produced from pruning residues and bovine manure from an Organic farm. All cultural operations only aimed at reducing the environmental impact as much as possible and optimizing the qualitative result of the grapes. Respect for the environment allows us to produce wines with a better expression of the territory. To achieve this goal, even the various stages of winemaking do not involve the use of added sulphites.

“Before taste, there is history, principles and human values. We work to be able to reach people’s heart and share a unique experience with them“


Respect for traditions and territory has remain intact over the years and is at the heart of the philosophy of Valentini Family, that has believe in the potentiality of its land since the beginning, making wine in a minimally invasive way, from zero to low sulphur dioxide. The innovative techniques adopted by the Company are the result of constant research driven by a lively spirit and the desire to experiment and renew, bringing products that are increasingly attentive to quality and sustainability from farm to fork.