The Spark Zero

The Spark Zero


It is a wine dedicated to those who love to find in the glass the particular personality of the vintage and the pure and authentic character of the territory. The calcareous vein of the soil allows the wine to be marked with a certain verticality that deserves to be enhanced, not contained. The entry on the palate is fresh and immediately pleasant. Persistence and depth are very long and are rarely so well presented by a sparkling wine.


We suggest you to pair this wine with citrus-scented seafood salad. It also pairs well with a carpaccio of amberjack marinated in green tea.


Annata meno arida rispetto alle precedenti. Ha permesso una produzione più lenta ed una maturazione graduale. Escursioni termiche equilibrate, con temperature non bollenti, con pochi periodi aridi hanno consentito una maturazione graduale e ben distribuita regalando una concentrazione zuccherina inferiore ed una maggiore acidità generale. Indice di un ottimo millennio per le basi spumante. Lo Chardonnay in questa annata ha avuto la migliore espressione degli ultimi anni. Calibrazione perfetta tra alcol ed acidità.


In this small and unique Terroir, an elegant and noble wine is born. Monte Massa, 300 meters above the sea level, located between the first hills of the Apennines, offers a 360-degree view of the surrounding area reaching as far as the sea. Immersed in the quiet, the "Monte" had been elected a place of considerable fertility since Roman times, suitable for hosting large expanses of vineyards and olive groves that follow one another relentlessly along the hilly surface. The soil, deriving from a substantially clayey substrate, has sequences of rocks consisting mainly of calcium carbonate. On average deep and easily explored, it is a source of well-being for the vine, which translates into slow and prolonged ripening with intact grapes thanks also to constant and dry ventilation.