The Vinery


The Winery blends harmoniously between nature and the history of our territory. It is the place where the wine rests before taking its course, where we cultivate passion and the search for high flavours. There is nothing particularly modern or revolutionary in this production sector. The area is divided into two departments, one dedicated to the processing and treatment of the grapes and one for the aging and storing of wine. The presence of the latest generation machinery gives an added value to traditional winemaking techniques.


The phases of the grape processing phase differ for white and red wines. For the best batches we have truncated cone-shaped steel vinification tanks of various capacities that allow the grapes of each parcel to be processed separately to safeguard biodiversity, giving rise to micro-vinifications of the grapes combined with the use of maceration and punching that allow to obtain soft and elegant wines. For white wines, all the phases of the vinification process are linked to the cold chain, from the use of dry ice in the vineyard to soft pressing to obtain bases which then ferment for over a month at low temperatures to preserve the aromatic and varietal profile.


It is the vintage and the grapes when they enter the cellar that decide how their enological journey will be. Man has only the task of supporting and enhancing their ability to express themselves at their best. For this reason the company makes use of two methods of aging the wine. In large French oak barrels with a capacity of 30-50 hectoliters for those lots of Sangiovese that come from the most important parcels for exposure and age that guarantee to keep the fruit intact in the final product. From here a Sangiovese with an authentic expression of the territory comes. For the international varieties, Tonneaux and Barrique, partly French and partly American, are chosen each year where, through long refinements, we try to arrive at profiles of elegance and character.